It’s the part of a healthy lifestyle that many of us struggle with most. Hitting the gym, going for a run or playing a sport you enjoy can be a lot easier than nailing the whole process of healthy eating. You need to know what you’re making before you get the shopping in while walking past the aisles of pizzas, curry and other unhealthy food while you pick up your fruit and veg. Then you have to go through the effort of actually cooking all your food instead of putting a ready meal in the microwave. It’s tough, but with the tips we’ve laid out in this article you’ll be eating healthy in no time.


1. Eat seasonal

If you want to get the most nutrition from your fruit and vegetables, then you should be choosing them in season. By doing this you’ll be eating the fruit and veg with the most nutrients and probably getting them at a lower price.

2. No ready meals

Avoiding ready meals is a must if you want to have a natural diet. They’re high in preservatives and long-term can even be linked to cancer. It’s tempting to sit down to a microwave meal every once in a while, but it’s best to keep it that way: once in a while.

3. Steam

Frying your food isn’t always a bad thing, but too much of it will increase your calorie count because of the oil which the food soaks up. By frying your meals you’re consuming more fat and increasing the risk of diabetes and even certain cancers.

4. Variety

The main goal is to get into a nutritious cuisine routine, but eating the same meals over and over again can get boring. It also means we’re missing out on some key nutrients, so try to consume a little bit from each food group. The staples of your diet should be your fruit and veg, pasta and rice along with fish and meat. If your daily meals contain some mixture of those groups then you’re on the right track.

5. Light meals

We all enjoy those meals where we eat until we’re completely stuffed, but there are healthier ways of getting our fill of food. Instead of having that one massive dinner at night, eat smaller meals throughout the day. It’ll make each meal seem like less effort to put together and you’ll feel full instead of bloated.

6. Schedule

Having a plan for your meals will help you stay focused on what you’re eating and save you from those days where you get home, look at the fridge and let your mind drift towards a takeaway.

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