Knowing how to make great sandwiches should be near the top of any foodie’s skill set. When you know how, they can be done in minutes and without many ingredients needed. They’re perfect for taking to work, day trips and when you get home hungry with the need to eat right away. Despite the many benefits of making great sandwiches, many of us still settle for the supermarket selection when we could be putting together exactly what we want at home. Feel like your sandwich game needs a lift? Then check out this list of how to make delicious sandwiches.


1. Don’t overdo the butter

This can be more of a preference thing, but for the sake of your health and the flavour from the rest of your sandwich ingredients, don’t go mad with butter. If you’re worried about your sandwich being dry then add an extra ingredient like a cheese spread to liven up your hoagie.

2. Multiple ingredients

The more the merrier! Yes, you can’t get easier than making than a ham sandwich but this article is about taking your sandwich game to the next level. Make a list of all the sandwich filler food you like and make sure all your pieces contain at least three of those ingredients.

3. Include a gelling ingredient

A sandwich always seems like it’s missing something if it only contains meat or vegetables and doesn’t have an ingredient to bring it all together. A sauce, paste or cheese should be included to link all the other ingredients into one delicious taste.

4. A well-balanced sandwich

Of course, the point of a sandwich over another meal or snack is that you can keep things low calorie, healthy delicious at the same time. I’ve broken down exactly what you need and don’t need with your sandwich.

Carbs – The bread is obviously the key carbohydrate in any sandwich, so to keep things healthy stick to brown bread or wheat bread. Check out the nutritional info on the packaging as you don’t want bread with too much fat or sugar.

Protein – When it comes to protein, it’s best to get it from meat like chicken and turkey or from fish like tuna or other seafood. Avoid the fatty meats, and if you’re vegetarian then use eggs to get your protein boost.

Vegetables – A good sandwich isn’t complete without a vegetable for many reasons, but mainly that it’s an easy way of getting one or more of your five a day. Lettuce, tomato, onions and more are simple ingredients to add as the finishing touches on your meaty or fishy sandwich.

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