Cooking skills are something most people want to improve on. Whether that’s to eat better food or impress the opposite sex, becoming a good cook is a great skill to have in daily life. Have you ever been at home and want to cook a restaurant style meal? Do you want to cook something delicious and healthy in less than 20 minutes? It’s like riding a bike, once you learn how to cook, you never forget it.


1. Experiment

You’ll never learn if you don’t try. The first stage of experimenting is simply mastering one or two meals. Once you’re comfortable with those meals, then the experimenting can start. Add different spices, use other vegetables as the side dish, grill instead of frying. Experimenting with a meal you know so well will give you the confidence to try cooking other dishes in a variety of ways.

2. Heat

A general rule of cooking is if you’re heating a small amount of food then a high heat is fine, but for larger portions a slow heat will bring out the flavour. It’s a rule that’s hard to follow if we’re starving, but your taste buds will appreciate your patience.

3. Cook what you like

This might seem obvious, but you’ll love cooking more if you use your favourite ingredients, and if you love cooking you’re more likely to get better at it. Don’t worry about cooking extravagant meals you wouldn’t eat yourself, a good cook knows what they like and can cook it well because they like it.

4. Adding oil

A common mistake when adding more oil to a pan is to pour it in the middle of the pan. We think by doing this the oil will spread quicker to more parts of the pan, but the best way to add oil is at the sides. The parts of the food closer to the middle are usually more cooked, so adding oil to edge of the pan will even it out.

5. Smelly hands

If your passion for cooking is being slowed down by having smelly hands from chopping garlic, onion and other food, then washing them with water doesn’t always cut it. A little known tip is to clean your hands with a small amount of toothpaste or some lemon juice to remove that odour and get your love of cooking back on track.

6. Cook for people

It’s all well and good preparing a meal just for you, but cooking for a big group of friends or family is a true test of your culinary skills. It’s a learning curve that is so rewarding if you pull it off, giving you great encouragement to keep on improving your cooking.

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